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Qatar Airways A350

World’s Best Airline

It is with great pride that in our 20th year, for the fourth time we have been voted Airline of the Year, as well as for 2017 World’s Best Business Class, Best First Class Airline Lounge and Best Airline in the Middle East.

From Brussels

8 weekly flights between Brussels and Doha, connecting to Asia, Australia, Indian Subcontinent, East and southern Africa.

Network and fleet

  • Qatar Airways is one of the fastest growing airlines operating one of the youngest fleet in the world.
  • The fleet currently consists of 203 aircraft including 30 B787 Dreamliner, 19 Airbus A350 and 8 Airbus A380.
  • Flights out of Brussels are operated by an Airbus A350.
  • Qatar Airways has a network of 150 destinations and is undergoing rapid expansion with 22 new destinations planned for 2017-2018 among which Chiang Mai (Thailand), Canberra (Australia), Medan (Indonesia), Utapao (Thailand), Chittagong (Bangladesh).

QR Airbus A350

  • Experience unrivalled space and comfort on board the Airbus A350 Business Class cabin. Relax in comfort with reclining seats, enjoy direct aisle access or rejuvenate with our exclusive Bric’s amenity bags offered on Long haul flights.
  • Seats transform into a 203cm fully flat beds with the finest 100% cotton bed linen
  • Panoramic windows with electromechanical shades and Advanced LED lighting will help you adjust to changing time zones, so you arrive at your destination as refreshed as possible.
  • An à-la-carte menu is also available upon request, offering gourmet creations made with the finest fresh ingredients; served with fine chinaware, glassware, cutlery and linens for a truly premium dining experience.

Economy Class

  • A new extra-wide cabin design and spacious seating bring you ultimate comfort during your flight.
  • Experience one of the widest and most spacious seating areas in the industry, on board one of the youngest fleets. Settle into a personal space with plenty of room to eat, sleep and stretch out. Two-way adjustable headrests offer you comfort and flexibility, while ample space in the overhead compartment provides sufficient stowage space for a full-size carry on.
  • Oryx One, our state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system, provides up to 3,000 entertainment options with high-definition touch screens and a dual-screen function for simultaneous viewing.
  • Meals and desserts are prepared with the latest-generation steam ovens and equipment, for fresh, delicious food. We offer a range of refreshments, before, during and after meals.

Qatar visa-free arrival now available

Nationals from Belgium can now take advantage of visa free entry into Qatar, thanks to our new visa waiver upon arrival. Invite your friends and family to discover an authentic Arabian treasure in the heart of the Gulf – a land famous for its heritage, innovation and hospitality.

15 prizes to win – click on the TEST tab above!


For your chance to win one of the 15 prizes in our e-learning, we suggest you go and read the info on the “About QR” tab, have a look at the videosbelow, and visit both qatarairways.com and our trade partners website



Feel free to test your knowledge about Qatar Airways >> Click on the “TEST” tab!
Good luck and who knows… you might win one of the 15 prizes we offer!

Discover Penang with Qatar Airways

Take this opportunity to improve your knowledge about a new destination of Qatar Airways and make a chance to win one of the 15 following prizes:

  • First prize: one Bongo voucher “Castles and Beautiful Mansions” with a value of 139.90€
  • Second to the fifth prize: one Bongo voucher “Special Adventure” with a value of €59.90
  • Sixth to the fifteenth prize: one Armani First Class amenity kit with a value of 25€

For each good answer, the contestant earns 1 point. For each wrong answer, the contestant loses 1/4 point. In the event of a tie break, the winner will be selected by the speed of completion.  Reply correctly to the questions here below and take the opportunity to be our lucky winner.

You can try your luck 3 times.  Please note that if you try to participate more than 3 times you will be automatically disqualified.

The e-learning starts on 29/03/2018 and ends on 5/4/2018 included.
The winners will be nominated on 16/04/2018.

Good luck!

Your email address:

Your name:

Travel agency name:


1. Liesbeth37.00
2. geertrui agneessens37.00
3. tamara vlaeymans30.25
4. Yannick30.00
5. Sylvia30.00
6. Elke Van Rysselberghe30.00
7. Tanja bovyn30.00
8. Pieter Demuynck30.00
9. Wim Van Nielandt30.00
10. deschamps30.00
11. Evelyne Honorez30.00
12. Stien30.00
13. Jesus ROMERO30.00
14. sylva28.75
16. Steffie Meuris27.50
17. Lesley Aerts26.25
18. ellen serweytens24.00
19. Mireille Heindryckx23.75
20. Isabelle Antoine23.75
21. Timothy21.25
22. Kathy Mommaerts20.00
23. Jessica20.00
24. Katrijn20.00
25. Sofie Bastien20.00
26. Annelies Bossaert19.50
27. Stefanie Lucas17.50
28. Nathalie De Roeck17.50
29. Gertje16.25
30. Marian16.25
Terms and conditions E-Learning
“Qatar Airways product quiz”


  • The company Qatar Airways Ltd, a foreign company with a capital of 143.8 million Qatari Riyal, registered under the number BE 0831454009, having its Belgium Headquarters in Avenue Louise, 350, 1050 Brussels (hereinafter referred to as “organizer”) is organizing a e-learning with no obligation of purchase.


  • The e-learning starts on 09/01/2018 and ends on 16/01/2018 included.
  • The winners will be announced on 15/02/2017.

Art. 3: ACCESS

  • 3.1 participation’s conditions
    This e-learning with no obligation to purchase is open to all travel agents in Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • 3.2 announcement
    The e-learning will be advertised via a web banner on the Travel2 newsletter and/or via an email sent by the organizer.


  • Taking part in the e-learning can only be done through https://www.travel2.be/product-training/qatar-airways-product-quiz/
  • Any participation made via telephone, fax or mail, will, therefore, not been taken into consideration. Participants have to mention their name, email address, and name of their agency.
  • This site is publicly accessible and can’t rule out that non-agents will participate. Therefore, participant must be employed as bona fide travel agent in a BeLux travel agency at the time of participation.


  • The e-learning runs as a multiple choice questionaire.
  • Every good answer earns the contestant 1 point.
  • Every wrong answer loses the contestant 1/4 point.
  • each participant can participate 3 times.  The organiser reserves the right to disqualify any participant who tries to participate more than 3 times, even with different credentials, if they can be identiefied as the same participant.
  • The contestant, who will have gained the most points upon closure on 16/01/18, will be the winner of the first prize, a Bongo “Castles and Beautiful Mansions” voucher (value €139.90).
  • The next 4 contestants (ranking 2-5) will each win a Bongo “Special Adventure” voucher (value 59.90).
  • The next 10 contestants (ranking 6-15) will each win one Armani First Class amenity kit (value €25).
  • Each participant will be timed, so in the event of a tie break, the winner will be selected by speed of completion.
  • In the event of a tie break, a draw will be held.


Prizes cannot be the object of a demand of counterparty, whether financial, exchange or return for any reason whatsoever.  If circumstances required it, the organizer reserves the right of exchanging, at any time, to a proposed prize, a prize of an equivalent value or of similar characteristics, without it giving right in any kind of compensation of any sort.


  • The organizer reserves the right to validate winners’ eligibility to participate and win.
  • The winners will be announced on the website https://www.travel2.be/product-training/qatar-airways-product-quiz/ and personally by email. The date of drawing is communicated for information purposes. It is subject to modification, if circumstances required, without advance notice or possibility of reclamation to be made to the organizer.


  • Data of the participants, saved in a safe computer file, is used for the purposes of identifying winners, making contact with them via email. The organizer is responsible of the treatment of data as well as the respect of confidentiality of the latter.


  • The organizer shall not incur any liability if it was obliged to cancel, suspend, shorten this e-learning or change its conditions with or without prior notice.
  • Participation in the contest implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, particularly regarding technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring information, risks of interruption and more generally, the risks inherent in any connection and transmission on the Internet, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation and the risks of contamination by viruses circulating on the network.
  • The participation to the “Qatar Airways Product quiz” e-learning implies a loyal attitude towards the organizer and other participants.
  • Any false statement of a participant entails his exclusion from the e-learning and the prize he could possibly have won. Similarly, any participant who attempts to tamper with the flow of the e-learning, either by human or by intervention of an automaton would be immediately disqualified.


  • Participation in the e-learning implies unconditional acceptance of these regulations in their entirety.
  • The rules of the e-learning will be available on: https://www.travel2.be/product-training/qatar-airways-product-quiz/.


  • The reproduction, representation or exploitation of all or part of the e-learning component elements proposed therein is strictly prohibited. All brand or product names are trademarks or product names.


  • If one or more provisions of this Regulation were declared void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
  • All cases not provided for in the regulations shall be decided by the organizing company whose decisions are final.
  • Any dispute arising in connection with this e-learning will be an attempt at amicable settlement. Failing to find an agreement, the dispute shall be submitted to the competent courts to which the registered office of the organizing company.
  • No dispute will be admissible two months after the end of the e-learning.


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