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Product Training

What is it?

A quiz-type programme to introduce your product to our audience, or yours. Show a video or a series of pictures, and ask our readers to reply to a series of questions related to your product.

  • gather info on the participants
  • immediate feedback whether the reply was correct or not
  • leaderboard with results depending on accuracy and speed of response
  • CSV document with full contest info is sent upon closure
  • set start/finish date + time
  • receive immediate notification when someone participates

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to promote their product in the Belux market. Airlines, car rental companies, cruise operators, hotel chains, DMC’s, tourist offices… anything goes. As long as you have a product or a service that you want to promote, organising an e-learning session is a fun and efficient way of getting your product in front of your potential clients.

  • works best as an incentive (win something)
  • make it challenging but not too easy
  • we suggest a minimum of 5 questions and no more than 15
  • different types of questions (single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blanks…)
  • run it for as long as you want (we suggest 2 weeks)

What else do you need to know?

  • your page can be public or password-protected
  • you provide the questions and advise us of the correct answer(s)
  • min. 1 week lead time requested to allow for implementation and testing
  • you need to provide the T&C’s
Interested? Get in touch!

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