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All Nippon Airways B-787
All Nippon Airways B-787


Premium Economy gives you all the comfort, plus more, at prices that suit.

At the Airport ANA Premium Economy customers can access our Business Class Lounge at Brussels, Tokyo Haneda and Narita airports. All premium economy guests receive priority check-in and luggage handling, making checking in smooth and seamless even during peak times.

Here are ANA we open new frontiers in the art of fine dining at 30,000 feet in the sky.
‘The Connoisseurs’
will prepare your in-flight menu and offer a choice of Japanese and international dishes Mini Ramen noodles and a choice of selected Business Class desserts, sake, wines and sparkling wines are also provided to our ANA Premium Economy passengers.

In Flight, at a width of 49 cm / 19.3 inches, ANA’s Premium Economy seat has a 17% larger pitch with adjustable head, foot and leg rests. The in-flight entertainment ‘AVOD’ provides 390 programmes of the latest audio and video on-demand. Plus, there’s a laptop powerpoint and USB port for you to enjoy your own movies, music and photos. Our ANA Premium Economy amenity pack offers extra goods including slippers, eye-mask, toothbrush, earplugs, tissues and a postcard set. We also offer premium economy passengers noise cancelling headphones. The automatic background noise reduction feature makes viewing movies or listing to music much more pleasurable.

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