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Get in touch with Christoffel Couck to advertize on this website, or to insert your banner(s) in our newsletter. You can call me on +32(0)484/915.114, send a mail to christoffel[at]chrisbizz[dot]com, or complete the contact form.

Please note:

  • first come, first served
  • banners are accepted in JPG, PNG, and/or animated GIF formats
  • links must be sent off-site (target=”blank” attribute must be included)
  • links will not be tracked (rel=”nofollow” attribute must be included)
  • website WEEKLY adverts schedule is monday 10h00 to next week monday 08h00
  • delivery of banners latest by friday 10h00 each week (or the previous working day if that’s a bank holiday)
  • website MONTHLY adverts schedule is 1st working day of the month 10h00 to next month’s 1st working day 08h00 (or the 1st working day following that day if it’s a bank holiday)
  • delivery of banners latest by 10h00 one week before the beginning of the month.

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